Then and Now: 641 Davenport Rd

This photo was taken in 1925.


The photo focuses on a house that is labelled “smallest house on Davenport”, and although it’s very small, it’s also fairly modern relative to the house next door. If you compare the architecture side by side, you’ll notice obvious differences. Examining the feature house, you notice that the brickwork is clean and even, practically perfect. Meanwhile, the house next door illustrates Edwardian characteristics. The brickwork is messier and uneven in areas. Simple, long rectangular doors and windows are also particular to Edwardian architecture. The feature house showcases triangular bay windows, which aren’t typical of any era – perhaps customized to the owner’s taste.

Although the photo shows rowhouses, the feature house was not part of the original build and would have been added on to the set of rowhouses some time after.


The rowhouses have been demolished. In 1994, a condo townhouse complex was built. Though hard to tell by the recent photo, the architecture can be described as Art Moderne. The look can be summed up in one word – streamlined (note the stucco exteriour). A basic rectangular building can be made “Classical” by the addition of columns, or architraves (the moulding around a window or door).

Circa 2000:

Notice how much the trees have matured over the last 18 years?

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