Buyer’s Guide

You dream of owning your own little piece of the city and I want to do everything I can to help you. To get you on the right track, I have put together a first time buyer’s guide to give you some insight into the real estate purchase process.

Before you get started

  • Picture yourself in your dream condo or dream house. What does your home look like? Is it open concept? How many bedrooms? How many square feet does it have? What about condo amenities? Does your condo have a gym? Outdoor BBQ and patio? 24 hour concierge? Is it pet friendly? What about the view? Would you like your own parking spot, or maybe a storage locker? If it’s a freehold home, is it detached, semi-detached or a townhouse? How big is the backyard? Is there a garage? Make a list of ‘must haves’ and another list of ‘would likes’, and prioritize.
  • Narrow down the neighbourhoods. Where do you work? Where do your friends and family spend most of their time?
  • Review your budget. It’s important to know what you can afford before making the leap, so drop by your bank or ask your mortgage broker to help you get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Make sure to consider all the real estate fees (legal fees, applicable taxes, inspection fees, adjustments and/or disbursements) on top of the purchase price of your condo.
  • Go online and see what’s out there. The best place to start looking is on which is free to use. Just set your criteria and start browsing. It will give you a sense of what is out there and at what price.

Are you ready to buy?

  • Give me a call. You have a good sense of what you want and you have a budget. Now’s the time to call me, 647-885-8258. Buyers can work with agents for free! It’s the sellers who have to pay the commission.

We will go over what it is you want, where you want to move, when you want to make the move, and how much you want to spend. I would be happy to scope out some select properties that fit your criteria, or perhaps you already found a few online and are eager to see them! If you haven’t seen anything good enough for you, there are many of properties out there that you simply may not know about. I can find them for you.

Once we know your criteria, I can arrange showings and take you to see the properties first hand.

You found a little piece of the city you’d like to call your own!

You’re excited about finding a great place and you want to close the deal. This is the part where you definitely want an agent on your side. The seller’s agent is looking out for the seller’s best interest and they are going to want the highest price they can get. You need someone looking out for your best interests! I will help you place an offer and negotiate a great deal so you get your condo for the best price.

  • Let me take care of the details. I will draft the offer documents with all the necessary legal conditions to ensure you are fully protected. It’s extremely important to have all the right paperwork complete before the deal is closed and it’s my job to coordinate the closing and take the details off your hands! Working with a registered sales representative will give you the peace of mind that no aspect of your purchase has been overlooked.

Once your offer is accepted and the conditions are fulfilled, the deal can close and the transaction is complete.

You are now the proud owner of real estate in the city!

Of course, if you do have any questions, I would love to answer them. Consultations are always free and require no commitment at all.

Call Hanna, 647-885-8258

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