Then and Now: 65-67 Dagmar Ave

This photo was taken in 1952.


The photo focuses on two houses, 65 Dagmar Ave is the 2 storey house on the right directly behind the tree and 67 Dagmar Ave is bungalow on the left.

Both homes are Victorians, although without the bells and whistles, such a ornate gables, quoining or decorative trim. Regardless, the architecture still reflects the Victorian era, the sharply angled and steeply pitched roofs, and lack or symmetry are a giveaway. The homes on this street, especially 67 Dagmar Ave, were once inexpensive “worker’s cottages” in the Leslieville.

The neighbourhood began as a small village back in the 1850s and was home to gardeners and workers employed at one of the brick-making factories in the area.


67 Dagmar Ave has since then been demolished and sold as vacant land to a developper in ’91 for less than $100,000. It was developped into a Victorian style triplex in ’92. It was on and off the market for a few years until 2001, when it was sold to a buyer for $320,000. In 2010 it was sold again for $600,000. Not a bad return.

65 Dagmar Ave still exists today, although spruced up. The enclosed porch is gone, new windows, new doors and a fresh coat of paint was added. Since the life span of a sloped roof like the one seen here is 20-30 years, it would have been replaced as well. The end result, a sleeker look to keep up with the modern times, yet still keeping the integrity of the historic architecture.

My how that tree has grown!

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