Then and Now: 306 Davenport Rd

This photo was taken in 1930.


The detached building with a storefront is an example of Edwardian Classicism. Edwardian Classicism provided simple, balanced designs, straight rooflines, un-complicated ornament, and relatively maintenance-free detailing. These buildings generally have a smooth brick surface and many windows.

The building still exists today, relatively unchanged. Although it’s morbid past creates a stigma.

306 Davenport Rd is the address that’s famous for the “Just Desserts Shooting”. On April 5th 1994, three armed robbers invaded the storefront, which at the time was the Just Desserts Cafe. When a dispute broke out amongst the patrons who refused to hand over their wallets, one of the robbers fired his shotgun killing an innocent bystander inside the cafe.


The building has been listed for sale in 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2010. Today, the building is leased out to the Subway Sandwiches franchise.

I wonder how Subway’s sales are impacted by the cold blooded murder of 1994. Perhaps the crime has been forgotten?

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