Then and Now: 300 Bloor St W

This photo was taken in 1924.


The Bloor St  United Church was built in 1889. It’s a prime example of Gothic Revival, an architectural style which brings medieval details and building practices to the Ontario climate. The list of Gothic features on this building is long, but the famous characteristic is the lancet arche. The acutely pointed arche is used in every door and every window. The larger windows are decorated with a trefoil, a pattern overtop of the window composed of three foils or leaves.

The church also features green spires, or steeples, which are the tapering conical structures on the top of the tower.

Amongst the trees, the church is simply majestic.


Portions of the church have been demolished, and additions have been built. While the new architecture is in sync with the old architecture, there’s an obvious age difference between the dark brooding century old brick and the neoteric add on. Take away the romantic trees, throw a hotel in the background, new pavement, streetlights, bikes, cars and anything else modern in the foreground and you end up with a very perplexing image.

It just doesn’t feel right.


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