Then and Now: 299 Queen St W

This photo was taken in 1919.


This Neo-Gothic structure was built in 1913 by architects by Burke, Horwood and White. Originally, it was the headquarters of the Methodist Church of Canada until the church converged with another denomination and became the United Church. In 1985, CHUM (Canada Broadcasting Corp. which owned CityTV and A-Channel) acquired the building. In 2007, CTV Globemedia (owns CTV Television Network) acquired CHUM. In 2011, Bell acquired CTV (and CHUM…and everything else).

Despite it’s long history of being passed on from corporation to corporation, the architecture has remained the same, but it goes without saying that thousands have been spent to maintain the building.

What defines this building as Neo-Gothic are the terra-cotta carvings and crests beneath each set of three windows. Neo-Gothic architecture commands strong vertical lines and a sense of great height. With it’s pointed finials (the ornamental pinnacles protruding from the roof), 299 Queen St W certainly has a looming presence.


It’s known as the iconic Much Music building. The constant influx of celebrities attracts teens from all corners of the GTA. The streets are shut down once a year in June when Much Music hosts the Much Music Awards. It’s a definite treat for youngins hoping to catch a glimpse of Miley Cyrus, but a “screeching” headache for local residents who know well enough they need to leave the city until it’s all over the next day.

Not a traditional characteristic of Neo-Gothic architecture is the CityTV turned CP24 truck that projects through the eastern wall of the building. That CP24 goes through great lengths to bring us the news eh?

Forgive my sad attempt at a joke. I’ll just stick to real estate.

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