Then and Now: 2444 Yonge St

This photo was taken in 1921


The Bank of Montreal building is a reflection of the beautiful Beaux Arts style, which was developed in the last decades of the 19th century. Many of the Beaux Arts buildings were banks, post offices, and railway stations.

The most beautiful feature on this building is the pediment (the triangular space that forms the gable surmounting the façade of the building). The pediment is often supported by columns, an element inspired by Greek architecture. Upon a closer look, you’ll notice that the inside of the triangle is decorated with sculptures. This is called a tympanum.

This photo was taken in 1978.

It’s a wider shot of the west side of Yonge St, just north of Eglinton Ave. Just north of the BMO building, you’ll notice the store front for George Richards Kingsize Clothes, and their slogan “Big or tall we fit them all”. The company still exists, but it was sold to Grafton and Co in the late 70s and Yonge and Eglinton location no longer exists. Today, the company is known as George Richards Big and Tall Mensware, with 35 locations across Canada – and only 1 store in Toronto.


To this day, the BMO building has not changed. The structure has been immaculately maintained, with the addition of signage that reflects the company’s brand. North of the BMO building, you can see that George Richards moved out and Sporting Life moved in. Typical Toronto, it’s normal to see a historic edifice next to an attention grabbing graffiti covered building. Okay fine, it’s a mural.

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