Average sales price freehold (2009): $521,587; (2010): $534,914

Lowest price sold (2009):$290,000l; (2010): $320,000

Highest price sold (2009): $821,000; (2010): $1,199,000

Average sales price condo (2009): N/A  (2010): N/A

Postal code: M4J and M4K

Boundaries: Mortimer Ave – Danforth Ave; Dewhurst Blvd – Chester Ave

Subway Stations: Chester, Pape and Donlands

Greektown on the Danforth is one of the major settlement areas of early Greek immigrants to Toronto. To this day, the neighbourhood still has a large population of Greek residents and a high concentration of souvlaki shops, Greek restaurants, Greek butchers, bakeries and delis.

Greektown on the Danforth boasts one of the highest concentrations of restaurants per kilometre in the world, and once a year the vendors sell moderately priced samples of their cuisine at the annual street festival, The Taste of the Danforth. The three day event held in August, celebrates Greek food and culture.

Real Estate: The neighbourhood is comprised of mostly 2 storey semis, but the further north you go – the more detached homes you will encounter. Aldwych Ave is known for its detached homes, with bonnet roofs and large single dormers.

Vinyl siding is very common in this part of town, and many of the houses feature this exterior cladding in various arrays of colour.

Muriel Ave showcases some more colourful 2 1/2 storey homes, with bay windows, verandas and dormers.

The Glebe Lofts is a true loft conversion of the architecturally magnificent Presbyterian Church. Many of the units have two stories, but the interior design is mainly modern – without the characteristics of a hard loft. There are very few units in this development, and rarely go up for sale.

Parks: In the heart of Greektown is Alexander the Great Parkette, complete with a fountain, benches, a large stone dais, and a semi-circle of doric columns. Within these columns is a sculpture of the bust of Alexander of Macedon.

Hot Spots:

Kalyvia – 420 Danforth Ave
In business for over 20 years, this family run restaurant prides itself on its authentic Greek menu prepared traditionally by Greek people.

Megas The Art of Greek Cuisine – 402 Danforth Ave
The chefs at Megas create a variety of classic yet modern Greek temptations to indulge your taste buds with contemporary flavours and spices.

Athens Pastries Pies – 509 Danforth Ave
Athens serves a variety of “pies” (filling wrapped in several layers of phyllo pastry): spinach (spanakopita), cheese (tiropita), and custard.

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